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Welcome to the new site, I hope you like it and the new calculator.

You can work out what your repayments are, how long it will take you to pay off your loan, what will happen if you pay a little extra, what the repayments are if you use an interest only facility instead of Principle and Interest, how much interest you can save and so on.

On average our clients will save over $100,000 in interest compared to their existing home loans (obviously there are certain conditions that most of our clients have like existing mortgage terms of 22 years or more) and we save them over 12 years in time compared to their existing facilities.

The calculator on this site will give you some insights into how much you can save but if you really want to find out how quickly you can pay your home loan off using the strategies we show our clients why don’t you drop us a line and someone will give you a call, let you know how much we think we could save you on your home loan and then if you want to talk to us further you can make an appointment for one of our consultants to come and see you in the comfort of your home.


Over $100,000
Is The Average Our Clients Save In Interest

12 Years
Is The Average Time We Save Our Clients